SIL House

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans offers Structured Independent Living (SIL) Houses for many of our clients who show a desire to live a sober life after drug and alcohol treatment. The length of stay varies, and is dependent on the circumstances, but the maximum stay is two years. The program name is significant because it combines two important concepts: Independence and Structure. SIL House residents have been deemed eligible and appropriate for independent living. This means that they are responsible for the management of the normal duties that arise in almost any other independent housing environment.

The program is simple; yet following it is not always easy. We know from experience that recovery is too often lost amid the pressures of daily living. Without structure, discipline and a supportive environment the recovering person may become discouraged, confused and revert to the old ways of thinking and behaviors and ultimately relapse. Conversely, the personal experience of the power of a 12-step recovery program and the benefits that follow becomes its own motivation for continued sobriety and growth.

Too often the focus can be diverted to fixing a single problem such as resolving a legal difficulty, repairing a relationship or finding a job. All effort is given to the single task and total recovery is side tracked.

While providing a home-like environment and assistance in coordinating other needs to develop a personal plan for total recovery, we believe that the person who adopts a 12-step recovery program and puts it into action in their daily living will see their difficulties resolved and will have peace and joy in their lives.

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans provides a structured program that gives the homeless veteran the support to again become a productive member of the community, the knowledge that the community cares, and the confidence to build relationships. It is intended to give back to veterans the way of life she or he fought to preserve. Life in the SIL houses is NOT a preparation—it is an experience of life as it really is. Life requires a balancing of rights and responsibilities. Life is interplay of work and reward. Life is the price and product of freedom.

MACV has eleven SIL Houses located in St. Cloud, Richfield, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Maplewood, and Duluth. Currently some houses are sponsored with funding by Wells Fargo Bank, Donaldson Company and the Disabled American Veterans. We are grateful for their support. If you would like more information on how you or your organization can sponsor a house, please contact Nathaniel Saltz at nsaltz@mac-v.org or call 651-224-0290

Building 47

A 13 bed residential facility run by MACV Metro that provides safe, clean and structured
housing for homeless single male veterans in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Click here for directions to the VA HCS and Building 47

Permanent Supportive Housing (Radichel Townhomes)

In 2006, 11 units of permanent supportive housing were opened in Mankato. The Permanent Supportive Housing program provides long-term community-based housing and supportive services for homeless veterans with disabilities. The intent of this program is to enable support disabled veterans to live as independently as possible in a permanent setting. Supportive services may be provided by the agency managing the housing or another public or private service agency.

MACV Duluth and Duluth Veterans’ Place

Our Duluth office has moved into its new location as of December 2010. The renovation project, which was a partnership between MACV and the Northern Communities Land Trust (NCLT), was completed in March 2011. Duluth Veterans’ Place has eleven permanent housing units, four transitional housing units, and one transitional handicap accessible unit. Supportive services for veterans will be provided onsite and MACV Duluth’s administrative offices will be housed in one of the buildings. All of MACV Duluth’s services will now be available in one convenient location.



Once a case file has been opened, income verified and eligibility determined, payments are made directly to the service provider (i.e. utility company, landlord, mortgage company) on the client’s behalf. Generally, emergency assistance is provided on behalf of clients on a one-time basis in which the payment is considered to resolve the current crisis. All services are confidential, and release of information for any purpose requires formal written consent by the client.

Northern Region

5209 Ramsey Street
Duluth, MN 55807

Southern Region

724 Madison Avenue
Mankato, MN 56001

Metro Region

2700 E. Lake Street, Suite 3350
Minneapolis, MN 55406