MACV’s Housing for Veterans

MACV offers housing services to Veterans and former Servicemembers who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homelessness.

Minnesota is determined to become the fourth state in the
nation to end Veteran homelessness.  In 2022, we were empowered to
swiftly expand our housing program.

Our  housing programs are designed to quickly help Veterans and former Servicemembers find housing of their own. Assisting Veterans and former Servicemembers living in Minnesota with finding sustainable housing gives them the time and confidence to focus on work, school, long term planning. and stabilization.

MACV works closely with other organizations, government agencies and community partners to ensure that Veterans access the support they need. This approach generally includes coordination with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, local
housing authorities, Veteran service organizations, and fellow nonprofit organizations

We offer dignified  housing options to suit needs in locations throughout Minnesota. MACV’s holistic approach and proven track record has become a national model for ending Veteran homelessness that other organizations and communities look to when addressing this critical issue.

How MACV Houses Veterans

Below is an overview of our Minnesota housing services for homeless Veterans, or those at risk of being homeless.

  • Outreach and Case management to meet basic needs
  • Veteran employment and training services
  • Veterans legal aid and services
  • Deposit Assistance
  • Rental Assistance
  • Housing Subsidy Programs
  • Connection to healthcare, recovery/social supports, & VA benefits
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Correction re-entry services

Our case managers work with each Veteran to create and follow a plan that will address their unique needs.

Veteran Housing Services in Minnesota

Supportive Housing and Case Management

MACV assists with housing Veterans with unique challenges through our  housing programs. Our goal is to meet Veterans living in Minnesota wherever they are on their path to housing stability. MACV works to provide long-term solutions in pursuit of ending Veteran homelessness.

MACV Veteran Housing

Building 47

Building 47 is located on the Minneapolis VA Medical Center campus, and serves homeless, single male Veterans. It is a 13-bed residential facility run by MACV Metro that provides safe, clean, and structured housing.

Single Room Occupancy

MACV offers single room occupancy styled homes and apartments for Veterans and former Servicemembers living in Minnesota. Single Room Occupancy’s can be in located in single family home or in an apartment style building. Single Room Occupancy style housing for Veterans and former Servicemembers is offered at a deeply affordable rate based on the area’s public housing authority standards.

Single and Multi-Family Homes

MACV uses multi-family unit housing acquisitions as housing targeted to the Veterans who have the most challenging, ongoing barriers to success in mainstream housing. Our housing program has regular staff presence at multi-unit properties to provide resident services, coordinate care, and problem solve the ongoing needs of our properties and residents. 

Emergency Housing

MACV stepped into the emergency services space in 2020, launching an in-house outreach team to reach Veterans who had become homeless. Similar to MACV’s Landlord Engagement program, the emergency housing program coordinates with strategic partners such as shelters, other outreach teams, hotel and hospitality groups, and law enforcement to secure basic resources for Veterans who have the most acute challenges to finding housing stability.

Acessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

ADUs are compact homes MACV uses to create additional housing on MACV owned housing properties. These one bedroom bonus homes  allow us to provide housing to more Veterans as we add one to each of our locations throughout the Twin Cities.

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