MACV Strives to Serve Those Who Served Us First

Each veteran we work with has a story to tell


John, 23, suffered TBI (traumatic brain injury) as a result of multiple IED attacks while serving in Iraq. John recently moved to Minnesota with his wife. The couple lived in a cabin – more like a shack – without heat or hot water, on land owned by his family. This cabin was all John and his wife could afford on John’s Service Connection award of $232/month, which was their only income. Because of the harsh living conditions and John’s meager income, he and his wife were unable to support their child who was left in the care of family in another state.

With MACV’s support, John and his wife have been reunited with their daughter and moved into a house furnished with items donated by community members. An upgrade to a higher level of service-connected benefits is in process. In the mean time, John and his family are being helped by MACV and county assistance in a collaborative effort to assist with food, medical insurance, utility costs, car insurance, and school supplies for their daughter. This is just the beginning; MACV will continue to work with John and his family to help ensure they achieve the quality of life they deserve.


Often it is just a matter of short-term training, a refresher course, or updating existing skills and abilities that make a difference in getting a job offer or not. Richard C. a divorced, 58-year-old decorated Vietnam Veteran with a Vietnam Campaign Medal, Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge lost his job due to downsizing and was unable to secure other employment (mostly due to his age). He was within weeks of homelessness. With our assistance, Richard decided to go back to school to complete his renewable energy training in order to become a Renewable Energy Certified Associate. Classes consisted of Solar Space Heating Systems, Solar Water Heating Installation Lab, Solar Hot Water System design, Intermediate Photovoltaic training, and Photovoltaic Site Assessor training. With these classes, Richard had the training and skills to be competitive to secure another job and continue a successful career.


Jodie is a single 34 year-old Gulf War veteran and a mother of two. She had been working with a temporary employment agency when her job was terminated after only three months. She used her remaining savings for rent, but she struggled to keep up and was given a notice to vacate her apartment.

Jodie came to MACV seeking assistance with her rent. MACV was able to assist her with finding a job making $15 an hour. After helping with her first month’s rent, Jodie was able to keep her apartment and maintain her household.

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